FXLion V Mount Battery Charger Review & Demo With Canon R5/R5C

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    Using the FXLion Nano with Canon R5/R5C

    Using the 50WH on the FXLion nano battery, we want to spill the beans on our go to charging option for our Canon R5/R5C. Let's get started.

    Overview of Charging Options: We've got two contenders: D Tap,  USB C and the personal hero—the lightning-fast V mount charger.

    D Tap: It's the standard choice, offering a decent 2 hours of charge time. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

    USB-C: This one is pretty common, but it takes around 4 hours to fully charge. Not the speediest option out in the market, if you ask us.

    The mega "V Amount Charge": Hold on to your hats! This bad boy charges my device from zero to hero for at least 4 hours all while being attached to our V mount equipment. It's quick to setup, reliable, and our new go-to charger.

    Battery size was okay, but we had to plan frequent charging breaks, which was a buzzkill for our all day shoots we should've gone with the bigger options. USB-C was a slowpoke to recharge, making us impatient. But the "V mount"? Man, it's mega fast! Plug it in, and within a 90 minutes, the lion battery is back in action for another 4 hours of studio use on the Canon R5.

    D Tap is reliable but lacks pizzazz. We recommend leaving the battery charging overnight after heavy use throughout the day. 

    Choosing the right charging option can make a world of difference. Our go to top pick is the reliable "USB-C." It's a time-saver, always nearby and available.

    Remember, everyone's needs are different, so consider what works best for you.


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          FXLion Battery
        • FXLion Battery
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            1. D Tap: Provides a reliable 2 hoours of charge time.
            2. USB-C can provide charge to a wide variety of devices.
            3. Price is affordable.
            4. With its fast recharge time its ideal for on the go users.
            5. Size: its small and compact enough to V mount to your devices in any environment.


            1. Dont expect all day use with its battery size and plan for the charging breaks like we did in our studio.
            2. Its not the fastest charging battery option available if you need fast charging.

      Would we buy it again?

      While it served its purpose and provided a standard charge time, we wouldn't necessarily rush to buy it again. The need for frequent charging breaks and the lack of standout features left us wanting more convenience and speed for our long shooting hours.

      Remember, everyone's preferences and needs may differ, we used it in a filming studio so consider your own requirements when making a decision!


      The FXlion battery is available for purchase through various retailers, we purchased ours on Amazon.

      Yes, the FXlion battery has been successfully used with the R5 camera. However, it is compatible with a range of devices, including cameras, lights, and other equipment with a D Tap or USB-C.

      Just plug and play! No fancy software or installation needed.

      Over the course of our use, it took approximately 90 minutes to fully charge.

      Yes, it is highly reliable, offering consistent performance without the need for frequent reconnections. The build quality was very nice. However, it's important to note that our studio usage may vary from your personal experience.

      Unfortunately, it seems it only comes in black. However, it does come in 5 size options: 37WH, 50Wh, 89WH, 98WH, 150WH.


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